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Your family has a large amount of 8mm and Super-8mm film reels but your old projector died years ago. It’s bad enough that you can’t share these priceless memories with your family, but you worry about the long-term storage of that large amount of film. S


Why not have all of those old reels consolidated into a smaller number of large reels and converted to DVD?


Our coversion process uses true telecine methods. The same that Hollywood producers use to convert film to video.


Here’s the process...


      We consolidate all of your 50-foot reels onto 400-foot reels.


Every frame of each reel is captured as a still image in the computer, one frame at a time.


The individual frames are converted to computer video files.


If desired, we can adjusted the video files for color and exposure, common problems with typical 8mm home movies.


If you know the content of your original reels, we can add titles between each reel.


We convert the video footage to high quality DVD.


If desired, we can create your DVD with chapter markers for each original reel or a complete menu system.


We return all of your original film in high-quality storage cases.


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