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We have been recording performing arts since 1998.


Our experience includes productions for professional dance studios, community and school plays and musicals, elementary and middle-school variety shows, individual instrument recitals, bands, and actor demo reels.


For auditorium productions such as dance recitals, our production philosophy is to capture the entire performance. That is, all performers on stage will be recorded at all times. We do not zoom in on individual performers, thus ensuring that no action is lost while we concentrate on a single performer.


Stage lighting is very difficult to capture correctly on video. It is very high contrast and spotty. We understand the nature of this lighting and carefully adjust exposure to ensure that no detail is lost by under- or over-exposure.


Where available, we work with your performing arts theatre to obtain the best audio. We obtain an audio feed from the theatre’s sound system as well as capturing live audio from the theatre audience.


We provide superior service to your studio or organization in the following ways:


All performances are produced on DVD with menus to allow your clients to jump directly to their individual performance, rather than fast-forwarding to their performance.


There is no minimum order quantity.


You have the option of having your clients order directly from us and we ship finished DVDs directly to your clients. You do not need to manage video orders during your hectic preparation period or worry about distributing the DVDs after the performance. Or, you can take orders and manage the distribution of the DVDs. Because we record all performances in HD, we can produce Blu-Ray disks if desired.


Your clients may pre-order DVDs or order at a later time from our secure web site.


Call us at 805.660.8483 to discuss your upcoming performance and to obtain a sample DVD of our work.

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